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SAMANTHA SANTANA is an artist & designer, who makes kick ass peel and stick floral wallpaper for retail and wholesale, and provides creative services to those who need surface patterns, artwork, photography, textile design, and product design. Made in the USA!

samantha figures it out

SAMANTHA FIGURES IT OUT is a live stream show where Samantha figures out creative projects, from surface pattern making to floral arranging, and life in general. Brought to you by

SAMANTHA FIGURES IT OUT - the lost one (yes, that already happened...)

Samantha Santana

SAMANTHA FIGURES IT OUT - the lost episode 

SAMANTHA FIGURES IT OUT - the lost episode 

This is a lost Samantha Figures It Out, mainly because I am a dumb dumb and could not attach to the internet in my house for a live stream. In this edition, I figure out how to style and photograph real florals (California natives) for a new surface pattern and wallpaper. I also recount the story of a pan handling squirrel that assaulted me on my desert road trip, and discover that a side view of me is not my best side...

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